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Beyond the bounds exhibition

There are some exciting times ahead in 2015. One of these is the inaugural”Beyond the bounds” exhibition of the Inn Focus Group. To be held at the Norwegian Arts Centre, Cardiff From the 16th – 22nd February 2015. The Inn Focus Group is the camera club I belong to, we are extremely fortunate to have the following very talented members exhibiting: Tom Dee Ian Munro Coltrane Koh Gerwyn Williams Phil Morgan If you are in the area why not pop along and say hello. More details will follow closer to the date, but a range of prints will be available....


The Great Lament

The Great Lament is a satirical view of the railway system in the UK during the 1960’s 1963 saw the beginning of the end of the Steam era on the UK railways, when Dr Beeching published his first report on the rail network. The idea behind the image, was the passing of the steam era, revered in some circles to an almost religious status. The Undertaker is a satirical representation of Dr Beeching. Recently I entered “The Great Lament” on 500px, a site for photographers to share their work and gain critique. I was honoured that the Image received the...


Be true to who you are

My daughter has a genetic condition called Ectodermal Dysplasia (ED), which has a number of symptoms associated with it, including hair growing very sparsly. She used to wear a wig, and still does when the mood takes, but she took a very brave decision some time ago, to just wear nothing or a headscarf (to keep warm – temperature control is also associated with Ectodermal Dysplasia) she feels she’s not herself with the wig – not an easy decision when you are going through your teens. The image is to show how she feels constrained with the wig, and the...


Create a simple Photoshop Brush

I thoughtI would post this very small basic tutorial here. How many of you have spent hours trawling the net for brushes? In that time you could have created your own, they could be different from any others you will see. If you enter Salon’s or competitions you should really create your own, as it is against the rules of most of the competitions if you don’t. So what can you make photoshop brush’s of? well your imagination really is the limit, smoke, blood, paint splodges, leaves, writing are just a few examples. Below is a very simple one, just...

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HiTech v Lee Big Stopper review

Some time ago I did a brief tutorial on the HiTech big stopper (note this is their New version that isn’t subject to IR contamination). As I mentioned I only bought the HiTech as the LEE had such a long lead time, however I kept my order on with the LEE as I wasn’t convinced with the HiTech. Cost HiTech = £69.99 LEE = £100 Winner = HiTech Lead Times LEE 7 Months HiTech 5 days Winner = HiTech Construction HiTech = CR39 LEE = Glasss The LEE gives slightly better clarity of image (you can’t really see it at...

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..To post or not to post (on photosharing websites)

For some time I’ve been considering whether or not to post on photosharing sites designed for photographers (eg Flickr, 500px and ePhotozine). After a lot of thought, I’ve decided to pull back somewhat from my activity on these sites. I have asked myself, Why do I continue to post on the photosharing sites? When was the last time another photographer bought an image? When I gave it thought, it was for the commebts to improve my work, but comments fall ito two camps “wow what a great image” or occasionally “I don’t like this type of image” neither of which...

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Facebook Page update

Well its been long overdue.  The update on my facebook page is the first stage of trying to improve my online presence.  Like many amateur photographers, I’ve restricted my work to specialist photography sites, gaining a great deal of honest feedback and critique.  I have been asked many times why is your website and facebook page so out of date – well hopefully no more!

Smelly old trout 1

Smelly Old Trout

I will start off the blog section with an image I’ve been working on. Taken earlier this year featuring Cat Candy K and Terrance Harvard. A light hearted take on a very unlikely relationship.