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The Great Lament

The Great Lament is a satirical view of the railway system in the UK during the 1960’s 1963 saw the beginning of the end of the Steam era on the UK railways, when Dr Beeching published his first report on the rail network. The idea behind the image, was the passing of the steam era, revered in some circles to an almost religious status. The Undertaker is a satirical representation of Dr Beeching. Recently I entered “The Great Lament” on 500px, a site for photographers to share their work and gain critique. I was honoured that the Image received the...

Smelly old trout 1

Smelly Old Trout

I will start off the blog section with an image I’ve been working on. Taken earlier this year featuring Cat Candy K and Terrance Harvard. A light hearted take on a very unlikely relationship.