..To post or not to post (on photosharing websites)

Once upon a time.
The imagination knows no bounds

For some time I’ve been considering whether or not to post on photosharing sites designed for photographers (eg Flickr, 500px and ePhotozine). After a lot of thought, I’ve decided to pull back somewhat from my activity on these sites.

I have asked myself, Why do I continue to post on the photosharing sites? When was the last time another photographer bought an image?
When I gave it thought, it was for the commebts to improve my work, but comments fall ito two camps “wow what a great image” or occasionally “I don’t like this type of image” neither of which are particularly helpful. Maybe the reason is someone genuinly likes the image, great.. but are they going to hang my image on their wall?, maybe they feel they couldn’t offer true critique and guidance, they couldn’t be more wrong. Its often a simple statement that has given my work a real boost, anyway I digress.

In future I will be using this site to showcase my work, at least until I get into the habit of posting here first. So if you want to see all my work in future, please bookmark my page. I will also be doing some very basic tutorials to help fellow photographers, some behind the scenes shots, the ones that don’t quite make the grade and I will tell you why I don’t quite like them. If there is anything you would like covering please can you add it to the comments.

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